Stash Can Mountain Dew

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The Mountain Dew soda pop safe appears to be a normal can of soda, but a secret compartment inside conceals your valuables. Burglars typically spend less than six minutes in a victim’s house and rarely search common household items, making the can safe the ideal product to hold your prized possessions.

By purchasing this glass pipe you agree and confirm that you are of legal age 18, or older, to purchase tobacco pipes in your state. You also confirm that this is legal for sale in your area. You assume any and all liability if you breach this confirmation. All items are intended for tobacco use only.

Soda Stash Tobacco Storage 

  • For discreetly storing tobacco and herbs
  • Looks just like a real soda or potato-chip can
  • Weighs the same as a full can
  • Inconspicuous twist-off false top
  • Can also stash money, candy, and more
  • Made of aluminum and plastic